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Warm Feet? We’ve got you covered!

If your walking around town a lot, it would be smart to invest in a pair, or two, of good socks. Your feet are your form of transportation, and keeping them warm and happy is important. We have done the research for you, and all you have to do is order them.

Lady’s: Smartwool Hiking Light Crew (Purple)

Add some color to this winter, and give your feet a present. These socks are warm and durable with 73 percent Merino Wool. Its like a sweater for you feet. And a good looking one at that. Click the photo to go to the Smartwool website and get more information.






Men: Smartwool Hiking Mini

This sock is amazing. This is durable like no other and will keep your foot in good condition on even the most difficult of treks through town. Click on the picture for more information.


Your Week in Weather

We have you covered for this weeks weather. Predicting weather is fairly difficult, but at least you have a rough guide. Your welcome.

Monday-Highs are going to be in the low 40’s. Winds from the south will be coming through at 10-15mph. Could snow or rain. Theres a 70 percent chance of precipitation. If your planning on walking today, bring extra socks. Low 40’s and rain means sloppy side walks.

Tuesday- Sunny, but winds are coming from the north. Dress warm. The high for the day is pegged for 13 degrees. Once it gets dark, it will drop to around 5 degrees and there are some clouds expected. As I said, dress warm.

Wednesday- Some clouds, but highs are expected to be in the upper 30’s and lows in the 20’s. You can shed a layer after Tuesday’s weather.

Thursday- Sunny in the morning, then its going to get cloudy, and at night there is a chance of showers. Expect temperatures in or near the 40’s. Could get slushy. Bring extra socks.

Friday- Lower 50’s?!?! Could happen, but there may be showers. After Thursday its already going to be sloppy, so plan accordingly. You may get away with a t-shirt today! After midnight however, the rain will probably turn into snow, so beware.

Saturday- Highs will be in the lower 30’s. Theres a small chance of snow showers. If your going out on Burlington, this day won’t be too out of the ordinary.

Onfootlife’s Ten Reasons To Look Forward to Spring

Spring time memories for the author. Anchorage, Alaska

Onfootlife’s Top Ten Reasons to Look Forward to Spring

Here at Visibility, and specifically onfootlife, we are really looking forward to the spring. Walking around in the has seriously taken it’s toll on our footwear, mental health and motivation to deal really anything. Here’s what we are looking forward to, what about you?

10. Cleared Sidewalks

9. Green grass and flowers

8. No wet shoes

7. No jackets

6. Shorts, T-shirts and shirtless

5. Skirts (Guys like looking at them, girls like wearing them)

4. No bums on the bus

3. Tans and tan lines

2. No sweating after walking in the cold and going into a warm building

1. Walking becomes pleasurable again




How to Survive the Bus

The bus is great. Everything free is awesome, and with a valid school I.D., the bus turns into a free form of transportation. However, there is one, very serious downside to this seemingly great fleet of machines.

It’s public. Know what that means? Weird people.

To say I am an elitist would be a horrible misstatement, and to say I am normal another, but if you have ever ridden the bus you know there is a wide variety of people. And occasionally the smelly, hallucinating or belligerent takes a seat right next to an unlucky patron. Here are 5 general rules to abide by to divert weird and in the worst case, survive.

Sit by Normal- Sitting alone may seem comfortable, but pick your poison. Sit with someone you feel comfortable with.

Avoid the Back Row- It took me about a month to realize the warmest part of the bus is the very back row next to the window. If anything its a courtesy; let the people who really need a warm seat have the warm seat.

Avoid the Front Row- The talkers, and not the interesting ones, typically sit in the front. Do you like being talked at? Sit in the front.

Only a fool argues with a fool- If the belligerent blabberer who wreaks of alcohol sits next to you put your music in, look at the ground or not-so-subtly ignore him. He will find someone else to talk to, trust me; if there is no one else, he will talk to the wall. At least its not you.

Smell bad?- As one who is very sensitive to odor, but fairly conscious of blatantly looking like “that guy,” I figured this move out quick: rest your head against your hand or your arm. Any detergent, or B.O., of yours smells better than what your sitting by. You don’t have to take my word.

Got stories or tips? Share them! Comment on this post and maybe we can come up with a handbook….

Life Without A Car

In college, the use of a personal automobile is a luxury. Learning to deal without having a car can be absolutely frustrating, but at the same time liberating of both the person and wallet. Independence from the car can lead to learning some important personal truths, like how cold really is too cold, and if you like, smugness at the polluting bastards driving while your trekking through the elements; making it to the same destination, for better or worse.

Each week this blog will explore the life on foot. Whether its surviving the kooks on the bus, or looking at the best accessories in the battle against the elements, or something in between, it will be explored. You aren’t the only one who has had to walk in the pouring rain, consider this your support group.

If you have stories to tell, or tips to share, please don’t hold back. No stories about the life on foot are insignificant. The on footers, or the cyclists, are warriors, and everyone likes a good war story or a tip on how to survive.